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“One Person Away” – by Celia Laskey – Stirring: A Literary Collection Volume 14, Edition 7: July 2012

December 26, 2012
one person away - celia laskey

One Person Away – by Celia Laskey

What I love about Celia Laskey‘s short story “One Person Away,” is the universality of the conflict; these are people we know and situations and malls and buses we’ve ridden on. And while the identities are specific, the striving for acceptance or renewal seems palpable:

I flip through my pictures of America and transformed teens: windmills silhouetted over sherbety skies, a girl with freckles and a brand-new nose ring sticking out her tongue, hay bales like gigantic cinnamon buns plopped haphazardly in freshly-cut fields, a boy in a hot-pink blazer with a mesh tank top underneath smiling shyly  – fromOne Person Away”

and vivid: those spaces of heard-through speech we can’t get out of our heads or cameras. Plus, Laskey’s dialogue and mirror-asides aren’t too shabby either.

Celia Laskey is a Brooklyn-based writer. Check out her website:

celia laskey

Celia Laskey Website

* This post was authored by Jamez Chang.

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