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1998 Z-Bonics Album (all 10 tracks) Featured in Quail Bell Magazine

January 4, 2013

Quail Bell Magazine got a hold of an old suitcase and my album, Z-Bonicsand took a trip back to 1998:

Z-Bonics - Jamez

I remember like it was Thanksgiving—2012—pure word association on my netbook: I googled “Turkey”; I googled “Quail”—and boom, I discovered this savory-treat-of-a-zine, a hybrid & hip trove of literature, art, culture, and nostalgia (more on nostalgia later…). I sent them my short story Spider Monkeys the same day. Toughest one to write, my first published short story, about when my daughter went missing.

Spider Monkeys - Jamez Chang

But back to nostalgia…I wasn’t the first ever. The Seoul Brothers were a two-man K.A. rap group who broke out mid-nineties. I was just the first Korean-American to release a hip hop album in the States. And no spiked yellow hair or horse dancing. The shit was political. Many thanks to Christine Stoddard, Editor of Quail Bell Magazine, and her talented crew for digging up these archives. Folklore…Nostalgia. Click, sip, and listen.

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