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“Sink Bath” Appears in Big River Poetry Review: January 2013

January 9, 2013

Jamez Chang - "Sink Bath"

“. . . a Pynchon-esque prose poem from Jamez Chang”

– Big River Poetry Review

Limestone Deposit by Jamez Chang is kind of a departure for us. Pynchon-esque, we thought.”

– Prime Number Magazine

Two Thomas Pynchon comparisons in one month. It must be the teeth.

A Little Back Story:

Credit for the birth of this poem goes to Joel Hinman, the illest, most vibrant, most domesticated writing teacher you will ever meet. And a wonderful wordsmith in his own right. My short story Limestone Deposit (first published in Prime Number Magazine) was part exhortation (“spot beauty first!”), part tribute to the funkadelic joy ride 10 city slickers took in a Moon Leader’s sauna (in English please: My Level II writing class was brilliant, but we needed a fan !). A loft was set to triple-degrees, which in a strange way made our writing better, which in a strange way, helped me lose 16 pounds (someone else too?).

Author Joel Hinman, Family & Loft Featured in New York Times - 2/12/10

Author Joel Hinman, Family & Loft Featured in New York Times – 2/12/10

But back to the poem.

Joel suggested I read James Aegee’s description of water and garden hoses, suburbia-style:

I did.

And I spent the next 48 hours doing this: watching home videos of my first daughter, when she was an infant—baby girl taking a sink bath. And I locked myself in the bathroom for the rest of the weekend, before class, just to stare & muze, run my hands through running water. Finding a faucet. And my water bill tripled.





Poet, who answers to Lambremont.

Picture of a Poet in Sight

John Lambremont, Sr., Poet and Editor-in-Chief of Big River Poetry Review

I like that John plays guitar. I like that he knows eclectic. I like that this Pushcart nominee/prize-winning poet clicked on a switch and Baton Rouge got its grommets, its tangerine spleen. John curates Big River Poetry Review today, and he’ll curate it tomorrow. Not a Hot Dog Factory Whisperer in his crawfish for miles.

Seriously, though

I’m grateful that some silver-lined talent rubbed off on me. Shout out to Hinman, to Lambremont. And to Mister –esque.

Z-Bonics - Jamez - 1998 F.O.B. Productions


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