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“A Newport for Dad” Appears in The Weekenders Magazine, Issue 5—Jan. 2013

January 21, 2013

"A Newport for Dad" by Jamez Chang - The Weekenders Magazine, Issue 5


A flash piece with inhale.

Back in the Summer of  2012, I sent an email to my Sink Bath Sauna Room Class: “As a lark, let’s each name one of our characters Joel”—after our teacher. Hell if I knew The Weekenders would snatch it up 5 months later!

Flash-Fiction Piece "A Newport for Dad" in The Weekenders Magazine

Flash-Fiction Piece “A Newport for Dad” in The Weekenders Magazine, pg. 70

Thanks to Editor Ryan Swofford, who has a keen eye for the visual arts (Serge Gay, Jr.’s art is pure narrative, stunning). And between you and me, it was great to be reunited with my teenage son.

Publication Notes: A Newport for Dad” was originally part of an 18-page short story entitled “Red Moon Liquor.” I withdrew that story from publication consideration, from several journals, on December 15, 2012—one day after the Sandy Hook Tragedy. The resolution in “Red Moon Liquor” hinged on the use of gunfire. A protagonist’s conflict with a gang—mediated through bullets. I wasn’t comfortable with that.

6 to 5 weeks later, still not comfortable.

"Z-Bonics" - Jamez - © 1998 F.O.B. Productions

One Comment
  1. Digging the data, and new piece Jamez. And respect for the alteration for “A Newport Dad” being remixed from Red Moon Liqour after Sandy Hook. A writer without principles is just a conveyor belt of nonsense.

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