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“Impact” Appears in Lines + Stars, Winter 2013: Archivisim

January 24, 2013

“To live life with a push, because sometimes we all need one.”

– From an email I sent to my monthly writers group friends Sakinah Hofler, Doris Vila Licht, and Jon Kerrs, right before Hurricane Sandy (10/27/12).

"Impact" Appears in Lines + Stars, Winter 2013: Archivism (Print Only)

I wrote “Impact” before a Hurricane. Hunkered down in Jersey, not knowing what would happen, I typed up a poem plus email . . . before the lights would miss. But a hurricane poem, this isn’t. More like the “Impact” of memories and friends, of following those centrifugal forces when inspiration hits.

Sometimes with a toboggan.

Many thanks to writers Sakinah Hofler, Doris Vila Licht, and Jon Kerrs for sitting with me at the virtual coffee-shop table at Yahoo Mail. And for nurturing this poem.

Purchase a Copy of Archivism - Lines + Stars' Print Publication, Winter 2013

3 Toboggans in the Snow – Of Lines & Stars — Achieve Archivism Here

Publication Notes: It was a thrill to have my work reviewed by Editor & Poet Rachel Adams (aka Rachel Cloud Adams). I have a lot of respect for what she’s doing at Lines + Stars, for what this artist is trying to achieve. It’s about Archivism:

“The things to which we hold, and by which we are held . . . Historical records, memories, significant objects.”

"Z-Bonics" - Jamez - © 1998 F.O.B. Productions

  1. I just now put in an order for the print collection with your poem! Stoked.

  2. Rachel Adams permalink

    Thanks so much for this shout-out, Jamez!

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