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“Our Hospital” and “Cardboard Father” Appear in WhiskeyPaper—February 2013

February 10, 2013

“Artist first, writer second,” were the last words I said to my speakeasy friend Isaac

"Our Hospital" and "Cardboard Father" Appear in WhiskeyPaper

…Not that he needed to hear it; more like a reminder to myself, because lately, I’ve been able to avoid writers block by embracing the artists block. And with the publication of “Our Hospital” and “Cardboard Father,” WhiskeyPaper allowed me to carve upon canvass.

"What Was RIght for Her..." © 2013 Erie Chang; Original artwork created for "Our Hospital" by Erie Chang

“What Was RIght for Her…” © 2013 Erie Chang; Original artwork created for “Our Hospital” by Erie Chang

“Our Hospital” is a short story I wrote to convey the excitement of finding my voice (after a long hiatus). I took the persona of a little girl growing up in South Korea during the 1960s, and missing her mother—so it couldn’t be me…the ’60s part, that is.

"DNA" © 2013 Erie Chang; Original artwork created for "Cardboard Father" by Erie Chang

“DNA” © 2013 Erie Chang; Original artwork created for “Cardboard Father” by Erie Chang

“Cardboard Father” is a flash-fiction piece about standing in. Just a brief snippet of corrugated paper for the half-drawn soul. Yeah, I wrote it for myself.

Publication Notes: Many thanks to Leesa Cross Smith for her enthusiasm and support on these pieces. She and I click on the minimalist approach, and the theory of omission. The “unspoken undercurrent” of the absent mother in “Our Hospital” (“What was right for her…”) was something permitted. To float in the story iceberg-like. Lovin’ Leesa for not taking a jackhammer, and for eschewing elaboration. Nice, this allowance to drift…

"Z-Bonics" - Jamez - © 1998 F.O.B. Productions

  1. That’s become a mantra to guide my work. “Art first, writing second.: It keeps the flow pure, and free. The two pieces on Whiskey paper keep showing the boundless of your range. Perfect moments of the rivers flow; the hospital and the discussion of the coffee cup. And wow, what a talent Erie is! I like seeing your guys stuff together. Cheers Jamez!

  2. Fine work, Jamez! Keep it coming!

  3. Gigi Fischberg permalink

    Wonderful work, Jamez. Congratulations! And Erie, your artwork are fabulous. Keep it going!

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