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“Veracity ’93” Appears in Referential Magazine—February 2013

February 14, 2013

Every Valentine’s Day I’m haunted by the prospect of aging ungracefully. That, and

“Veracity 93″ © Mike Marshall and Erie Chang—photography: Mike Marshall; graphics: Erie Chang

“Veracity 93″ © Mike Marshall and Erie Chang—photography: Mike Marshall; graphics: Erie Chang

watching audience members from The Actor’s Studio. Always one step removed from greatness; and who are those budding thespians, in their Olen Butler ways?  Veracity ’93 doesn’t aim to answer these sleepless nights; it just explores some earnest V-day yearnings: youth vs. old age, nostalgia vs. now, Michael J. Fox vs. Taylor Swift. A speculative rage.

Referential Magazine throws down a threshold challenge to potential Writer-Contributors: Raise your right hand and repeat after us, “Refer the f*ck back.” Submitting authors must sight a point of reference—a string of dialogue, an image, a stanza, let there be lightfrom Ref Mag’s prose and poetry trove. I ♥ the concept.

"Salt Rock Eyes" " © Mike Marshall

“Salt Rock Eyes” © Mike Marshall

Forces a familiarity with the magazine—its aesthetic & authors—keeping potential Tributes within clicking distance of its poems & prompts, flash-dash fiction. And it worked. I read the back issues; followed their poets; and I did, in fact, lean a cite-seeing backwards, reffin’ on a November poem by Jenny Billings Beaver: Childhood Religion. Honed in on the line “I avoid the pastor’s eyes.”

BOOT CAMP INTERMISSION:        “To be a re-enactor means never to avert your lines.”  —Akira K. Jones, CEO/Co-Founder, Veracity, Inc.

And so I ambled down a basement shuttle to meet J-Lip’s successor Lindsay Lohan upon a dripping stage. She’s also in Veracity. Older, yet wiser. √ Click here if you’re wet behind the curious yet.

Publication Notes: Many thanks to distinguished poet Jessie Carty, editor of Referential Magazine, for lending a rookie poet some veteran support. Shout out to David Zarnitzky—poet and friend—who said, “Kill Oasis; make that title Veracity instead.” Salt Rock Eyes. And writer Leonard Cossari gets Pub. Note love for shining the Blue Book in a crowded room. Because sometimes we forget not to think. 

"Z-Bonics" - Jamez - © 1998 F.O.B. Productions

  1. Loved Veracity ’93 and your posts on here, really make the right and left brain hemisphere spin and sparkle!

  2. And the artwork is otherworldly awesome!

  3. jessiecarty permalink

    What a terrific way to talk about what you are working on 🙂 Thanks for the shout out for Referential. I’ll have to tag you when someone refers from your piece!

  4. Another great read, Jamez! These retirement domes almost seem like a precursor to “Carrousel” in Logan’s Run. Scary to imagine, but worth thinking about.

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