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Three-Piece Memorial to Newtown: “Bridge Pins” Appears in Gone Lawn Issue 10—Spring 2013

March 1, 2013

"Bridge Pins" © Mike Marshall (photography) & Erie Chang (graphic design)

© Taro Yoshida (photography) & Erie Chang (graphic design)

"6 to 5" © Mike Marshall (photography) & Erie Chang (graphic design)

Three-Piece Memorial to Newtown

The artists, writers, and photographers who contributed to this work send their love to the families of Newtown. As a parent of three young girls, I couldn’t hold them the same—for weeks and weeks—I couldn’t look at my three daughters without thinking about what we had lost. How America had hurt in the cruelest of ways that December. Not only our innocence, but somehow our chords of reason, our heart strings, objects, idols, our tender corners of safety tightened to choking. Holding them precariously in place, from the beginning; bridge pins were holding it together.

When someone snapped.

On my 40th birthday on December 14th, I began the morning with hope. But then I heard the crying. Then the silence. Later, we heard the speeches, laws, theories, “good guys vs. bad guys,” objects & Amendments.

Attachment to “things” not people, I started to listen. And so in objects & Amendments, we raised our right hands

to 20 children lost.

Our nation’s CASE FILE re-opens. Papers shuffle. People listening to people is my next morning’s hope.

In less than three weeks, the seasons will change again, the snow will melt, and my girls will pack up their winter coats into cardboard squares. And for the families of Newtown, CT, the Spring’s light will provide its generous play.

Blue February - Three Daughters, with Love

Blue February – Three Daughters, with Love

Publication Notes: 6 to 5” appeared in Marco Polo Arts Magazine in December 2012; “Good Guy with a Gun” appeared in FRiGG Issue 39—Winter 2013; and “Bridge Pins” now appears in Gone Lawn Issue 10—Spring 2013. Thanks to Mike Marshall & Taro Yoshida (photography); Erie Chang (art & graphic design); Darin Beasley, Ellen Parker, Dennis Mahagin (editors) for helping me cross this bridge and get through Blue Februarys, Winter. And special thanks to Author/Editor Owen Kaelin for allowing me to complete.

  1. Always inspiring my friend, always inspiring. Congrats to all the creative cats involved.(and you have a wonderful family!)

  2. The end of last year was sad. First, Superstorm Sandy, then the Newtown tragedy. The East Coast just got hammered. It was hard to feel much holiday cheer. It’s important for writers and artists to deal with these tragedies head on, and your work does that, Jamez (and your collaborators). Keep speaking out. Your work is vital. xoxoxo

  3. Charles Ryu permalink

    The most personal is the most political and the most universal. Thus, it has the power to cut through all the smokescreens and statics, and actually engenders a change. Speak on, my friend.

  4. A moving, articulate tribute. Well done, Jamez. 🙂

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