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“To a Fellow Crossing Guard on Fairhaven” Appears in Poydras Review—March 2013

March 10, 2013

My friend Bones Rodriguez did the exact opposite of what a 21-year-old man did in a kindergarten classroom on December 14th. Bones, along with his improv. acting troupe, brought creativity and joy to hundreds of elementary school kids by doing the exact opposite—walking like dinosaurs on an auditorium stage.

The Poem "To a Fellow Crossing Guard on Fairhaven"  by Jamez Chang Appears in Poydras Review—March 2013

“To a Fellow Crossing Guard on Fairhaven” © Mike Marshall & Jamez Chang—photography by Jamez Chang & Mike Marshall; graphic design by Jamez Chang

This poem is dedicated to the commuters and clowns, the caregivers, teachers, and crossing guards who do the exact opposite. Shepherding our children to safety each day. Through rain, sleet, snow, a tropical storm, the summer heat, these crossing guards continue to stand on the sidewalks and wait. For a child to cross yet another road.

"Helen of Fairhaven Road" Original artwork by Erie Chang © Erie Chang

“Helen of Fairhaven Road” Original artwork by Erie Chang © Erie Chang

Our guards get up each morning, early, to stand on a corner opposite. Let’s name the street Hope or Fairhaven or Creativity Curb. You ask what’s the big deal? On the larger scale, isn’t their impact negligible?  In early October, these guards were the whistle-blown bygones of an earlier age to me, merely conducting their Dinosaur aerobics on a taxpayer’s stage. By December 15th, they were getting kids over to the other side.

Publication Notes: To a Fellow Crossing Guard on Fairhaven” is the first of a two-part set. The short story “Crossing Guards on Fairhaven” is forthcoming in the April 2013 issue of the The Sim ReviewSpecial thanks to author Sarah Rae, Editor of Poydras Review for her support. Thanks to writers Sakinah HoflerIan CaskeyDoris Vila Licht, and Sylvia Schwartz for assisting me with an early draft. Finally, a standing O to talented actor/author Bones Rodriguez for his courageous, heart-felt words, at the end of the Fall.

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