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TWISTING SIGNS 2: “Post to the Blind” Appears in Counterexample Poetics—March 2013

March 23, 2013

We post this. We post that. We hope someone will share our revel status; re-post to the world. We want our friends and customers to visit our portals and websites, eventually our stores. I’m doing the same, right here, this now. As a poet, I plaster my ads for seeing eye dogs or a walking stick, something that might make you see the world more clearly. Like the optometrist.

"TWISTING SIGNS #2" © Jamez Chang

“TWISTING SIGNS #2” © Jamez Chang

But there are times when all the thumbs-up-like signs in the world won’t dampen the gnawing feeling that we’re all Willy Lomans and Lohans spreading out our kitchen knives (Miller never says what he sold) so that you might come visit. Times when I know I’ve gone blind—to political discourse, plight of the homeless, those ideals of my youth that are now just disturbing the cause. Conscience. And the only thing besides my children that brings something close to solace after I’ve baggaged the flame is this: honesty, synonym, authenticity, synonym, trust in the naked self

Publication Notes: Post to the Blind” is the second of a three-piece set called TWISTING SIGNS. The poem uses only the words and punctuation displayed on the placards. No repeats. And if some disgruntled (or inspired) busway crawler happened to spray graffiti over words & commas that I really could have used—TOUGH. The point is to use what’s around us, to illuminate the beauty despite the constraints—of regulatory language, of a turgid tune. Beauty is everywhere, friends, even within the porcelain beige corridors of GWB. Within yourself. Special thanks to distinguished poet Felino A. Soriano, Editor of  Counterexample Poetics for his feedback and support. And stay tuned for my 5th Muze Request, “Driver 8,” which features an in-depth interview with Soriano, America’s Experimental Poet. Posting to the sightedMarch 26, 2013.

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  1. What wonderful visions are sifted through challenges! Another great entry.

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