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“HD Neglect” in Red River Review—May 2013

May 21, 2013

I guess this poem is my version of When I’m Gone, the abridged version…

"HD Neglect" © Erie Chang; Original Artwork by Erie Chang

“HD Neglect” © Erie Chang; Original Artwork by Erie Chang

without the boxes, the suit, or the 60,000 screaming fans. But the message is similar: HD Neglect. Easier to ignore than reflect. Easier to write a poem than to sit on a swing with my daughters and sing. The night they fell asleep in front of the screen was the night I bought a book about time management.

Publication Notes: At least the painting above was collaborative, as my three girls pitched in on the toy doll parts, colored in the bones for two hours. Erie Chang spent the other 16 hours painting the rest. I’m either the luckiest man alive, or an artist out there believes I can make it. I’m glad that I know it’s actually both. Special thanks to the publisher & editor of Red River ReviewBob McCranie and Michelle Hartman, for tuning me in.

“Z-Bonics” – Jamez – © 1998 F.O.B. Productions

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