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“Busy People” in Bartleby Snopes—May 2013

May 24, 2013

If you sprinkle Churro Dust in a crowded subway corridor, will the people notice?

“Busy People” © Mike Marshall

“Busy People” © Mike Marshall

The busy people, with their briefcases and Google-Chrome glasses; they just might notice. But they probably won’t stay—might walk right past you. Sometimes when you’re 30 then 40. Saw it happen to someone at 14.

It’s a pretty anonymous existence living in big cities, walking past faces you’ll never see to or write for again; so why care? We all get busy. It’s what we do. But busy not only in the biggest of cities.

“Busy Times” © Mike Marshall

“Busy Times” © Mike Marshall

Busy in Lafayette, Indiana; busy in Quincy, Illinois; busy folks crossing streets in Cleveland, Ohio, making it in Time to watch their favorite television shows. The police are never too busy on TV.

I once let go of my daughter’s hand at Toys-R-Us, a second time in the Poconos; then it happened again in a subway corridor. A split second each time. But some nights, I’ll wake up to gasping tears of my own and race down the hallway just to triple-check: see that my daughters are sleeping; and it was a bad dream after all. And all because of the fairy dust of one, who was none too busy to stall.

Publication Notes: Much appreciation goes out to writer and editor Nathaniel Tower, who picked up this flash piece at Bartleby Snopes. Special thanks to the intrepid photographer Mike Marshall, for braving past busy (and NY’s Finest) to capture these images. Finally, a true salute to Charles Ramsey for knocking past the Doors of Preoccupied. All the breadcrumb hints don’t mean shit next to action.

Update – 6/3/13:

Busy People - Story of the Month - May 2013

"Z-Bonics" by Jamez  © 1998 F.O.B. Productions

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