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Counter-Clock Foolish in Pithead Chapel—June 2013

June 10, 2013

To stop the hands of time would not be wise, indeed it can be Counter-Clock Foolish.

"Counter-Clock Foolish" © Erie Chang; Original Artwork by Erie Chang

“Counter-Clock Foolish” © Erie Chang; Original Artwork by Erie Chang

The mind unscrambles on lithograph, receptive to ink. But only for the moment. Then we spend our decades forming the words to a Father’s Day lament, 2033.

This is a flash piece for when she leaves; for fathers who left us twisting in the second-hand too soon. Remember the time.

Publication Notes: Thanks in high relief to my No MAPs crew for the early feedback: Sakinah Hofler (FSU bound for an MFA), Sylvia Schwartz, Doris Vila Licht, Jonathan Kerrs, and Celia Laskey. Superb minds on time’s crawl (actually Cow Girl’s Bar in NYC). Finally, special thanks to Keith Rebec and Molly Bonovsky Anderson, the editors of Pithead Chapel for answering hawk instead of fish.

  1. Beautiful thoughts and art!

    • Thank you, Isaac! Erie spent like 20 hours on that painting. Beautiful thoughts were going through her mind, I’m sure…

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