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“The Caravan: A Poem for Joel” in Eunoia Review—June 2013

June 29, 2013

Take a bow. It’s called respect. See

"Take a Bow" by Ashley Chang. My daughter collaborated, directed & designed this Farewell to 7th Grade

“Take a Bow” by Ashley Chang. My daughter collaborated, directed & designed this Farewell to 7th Grade

anyone who comes into your life and makes you a better person, better writer, smarter seventh-grader, is making their imprint. And when more than one person shows this gratitude at the same time, it’s called a Caravan. The Caravan: A Poem for Joel was a 10-person collaboration, a summer poem written by students of the Writers Studio in 2012. It’s dedicated to a writing instructor named Joel Hinman, who taught us the more in our writing. They call it respect.


Author Joel Hinman, Family & Loft Featured in New York Times – 2/12/10

And from one bow to the next, I pay it forward to my newest collaborator Rae Joyce (aka, Rachel Fenton), a brilliant poet, writer, illustrator, and comic-book artist from Auckland, New Zealand. Rae is teaching me to access the visual, to bend solids and forms—then word them to fit. We’ll be collaborating on some sensible poetry and prose for the next month. So far, everything better.

Panel from "New Shoes: A Love Story," by Rae Joyce; Text and images © RaeJoyce 2013

Panel from “New Shoes: A Love Story,” by Rae Joyce
Text and Images © RaeJoyce 2013

Publication Notes: Writers Studio Level II Summer 2012—Jamez Chang, Victor Dvortsov, Missy Hart, Jennifer Patano, Jayme del RosarioSakinah Hofler, Student, Kevin Chester Kuo, Andrew Chappell. Special thanks to the fabulous editor of Eunoia Review, Ian Chung, for letting us park a bow, right here.

"Z-Bonics," Jamez  © 1998 F.O.B. Productions

  1. Hey Jamez! I’m loving collaborating with you – but it’s less what I can bring to you, than what you have brought to me – for which I am grateful, though doubt I could show it in such a beautiful way as this post. Kindest, Rae.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Rae. I respect your work very much. Believe the bow. Brill, lass—and cheers!

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