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“Bird College” in Squalorly, July 2013—Honorable Mention, Flash Fiction Contest

July 9, 2013

A Jacobs girl appeared on facebook near Mother’s Day. And though I hardly…

"Bird College" in Squalorly, July 2013—Honorable Mention in Flash Fiction Contest

knew her, she represented all that was good about college. In an electronic music class at Bard, I was introduced to audio sampling. Years later I would build my own album, dangle off subway platforms to capture a sound and nurture it: 7-Train steam, break loops & snares, kumungo plucks, Hello Kitty photo booth. From Bird College to the house that Brooke built, a Jacobs girl appeared on facebook with a hammer in hand. It was the art of her shelter.

Squalorly's First National Flash Fiction Contest

It’s a great honor to ask What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? and ride on this wave of Honorable Mention. Humbled. Speech-slurred. I’m surrounded by wonderful names, ones I’m lucky enough to glide right under, if only for the day: Brandi Wells (First Place: Your Origin Story) and Rachael Armstrong (Honorable Mention: Portraiture of Sleep: In Stages).A sage robin flies to brooke Image Publication Notes: Many thanks to the hard-working editors of Squalorly: Joshua Hackler, Pete Stevens, Tyler Steimle, Brianna Eberspeaker, Seth Piccolo, and Garrett Dennert.

More Birds, Quail Bell: "Z-Bonics" - Jamez - © 1998 F.O.B. Productions

  1. Well done man!

  2. racheljfenton permalink

    Ditching a car on the bridge to catch the perfect sound – that is LOVE. You describe it so perfectly. I just want to jump off that bridge from perfect misery now. Who can top that?

    • It’s a different kind of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” you’re right. Teacher says, every time you hear a bell ring, an angel gets its bridge. Our choice to hear beauty. Thanks for the insight, Rae

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