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Meet…the Band: The Last Ancients (Part I of VI)

September 22, 2013

I joined this crew on 9-11. Two Thousand Thirteen. The 5 of us…

The Last Ancients

Poets, musicians, MCs, producers, DJs, writers, graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, editors, spoken-word artists, readers, peace-makers. Friends.

I joined this crew on 9-11-13. The 5 of us. And in less than a week (not 15 years), I was rhyming again.

Meet…the Band: The Last Ancients.

COMING SOON: Meet…Cliff Brooks: The Last Ancients (Part II of VI)

The Last Ancients

  1. Some ancients were made to last. Looking good, guys!

    • Thanks for the comment, Rae! “Made to last” is the key, and collaborating on projects with you has made me appreciate that even more. It’s going to be awesome hearing your voice on the upcoming track!

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