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“15 Years” Jamez Chang: Coming 10.14.13

September 29, 2013

On Oct. 14th, The Last Ancients are helping me release a song called “15 Years.”

"15 Years" Jamez Chang. Produced by Beatsmith Medore. Artwork by Ezra Letra

15 Years” Jamez Chang. Produced by Beatsmith Medore. Artwork by Ezra Letra

The music is being produced by Beatsmith Medore with rap vocals by…Jamez Chang.

I don’t care if 15 people end up hearing it; this is a comeback. A comeback to music. A comeback to the love of craft. To hip hop. And it would never have been possible without the crew I joined up with, just a couple weeks ago.

It’s strange how self-confidence works: when you’re just being real, hanging out with creative cats who let you be yourself, it really brings out the best. I started to believe, in myself; these brothers just said things I needed to hear, showed me what was holding me back.

Cliff BrooksIsaac KirkmanBeatsmith Medore, and Ezra Letra pointed to potential; they said, “fucking trust it.” And now I’ll be heading back into the studio next week to record final vocals to a kick-ass track! (I basically rap about what the hell I’ve been doing for the past 15 years). Releasing it exactly 15 years to the date that my first (my only) album debuted.

Somebody pinch me.

But no hubris this time. No grand illusions of changing the world, of Altering Asian American Aesthetics. Polemics can hold you back. For me, It’s all about proving something, to myself—that I can still do this, that it’s in my arsenal.

From the feedback I’ve gotten so far, I know I won’t be embarrassing anyone.

Publication Notes: Special thanks to the brilliant poet/emcee Ezra Letra for providing some of the best creative feedback I’ve gotten in years (and I’m a writereditor at Counterexample Poetics, so you know that’s big!). Much respect to Beatsmith Medore and Jeff Kyle on the audio side. Shout outs to Cliff BrooksIsaac KirkmanPamela Hill and Rae Joyce for early ears, friendship and support. Rae’s voice is actually a key sample on the track.

  1. racheljfenton permalink

    Finally I can tell someone about this – I’ve been busting with excitement! I’m so chuffed for you, Jamez. Fifteen Years today, who knows where you’ll be at in another fifteen years – with you, anything is possible! Dream big – let your head fly and keep your feet on the ground – enjoy!

  2. 15 Years later, I’d like to put this law degree to use and advise you more thoroughly on the royalty-clause provision your fourth novel needs to have. Process big, my friend. Dream it true.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t wait to hear the final piece. Looking forward Jamez. You’re truly talented, but it’s all the hard work and dedication to your craft that separates you from the rest. Much respect.

  4. Wow! However it turns out, it sounds as though there is power and passion here. Go hip hop!

  5. Thank you, Anonymous and chillcat! Talent, hard work, dedication, and the good sense (finally) to seek support from people you trust. Ingredients to the power and passion.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Best of luck, can’t wait!

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