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Meet…Isaac Kirkman: The Last Ancients (Part III of VI)

October 4, 2013

I met Isaac Kirkman on his birthday, August 2nd…

Writer Isaac Kirkman of The Last Ancients at Shot in the Dark Cafe. Photo by Ezra Letra

“These are my fists.”
Writer Isaac Kirkman of The Last Ancients at Shot in the Dark Cafe. Photo by Ezra Letra

I’d known him for 7 months prior, through The Writers Studio and several creative collaborations. We were already close friends. But I wanted to meet the writer I interviewed back in February—in person. So I flew out from NYC and landed in Tuscon on (of all days and unintentionally) his 3* birthday; was told, by him, “to look for the house with the candle by the window.” That damn mystic . . . After a quick-hug hello, we had our first fight.

Isaac Kirkman and Jamez Chang duke it out

“And these…

Isaac Kirkman & Jamez Chang duke it out

…are mine.”

Isaac then made handkerchiefs from his birthday-gift wrapping paper; and we’d eventually truce up.

Isaac Kirkman & Jamez Chang call a truce

A Truce

This past summer I walked the barrios, hopped the bars, talked writing & philosophy with one Isaac Maynard Kirkman. And what I learned on that trip to AZ was how, in every way, Isaac embodied the spirit of the unselfish artist.

Mystic adhesive. He’s what makes this crew so damn easy to root for.

Publication Notes: Isaac Kirkman is also a student at the Tucson branch of the Philip Schultz-founded Writers Studio. He is a founding member of the Low Writers collective, and a writer for Zelmer Pulp Press. His work has previously been published in Menacing Hedge, Apeiron Review, Counter Example Poetics (w/Jamez Chang), Zelmer Pulp Anthology: Hey! That Robot Ate My Baby! (Vol. 1), Out of the GutterShotgun Honey, and The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. His work is forthcoming in Zelmer Pulp Anthology: FIVE BROKEN WINCHESTERS (Vol. 1).

COMING SOON: Meet…Beatsmith Medore: The Last Ancients (Part IV of VI)

The Last Ancients

  1. It’s not often you get two of the most generous and talented men on the same page – and yet, here you are.

  2. Very kind of you to say, Rae! On the “same page” in more ways than one: working, sharing some views on social change, looking up to Malcolm X, appreciating your amazing friendship!

  3. Thanks Rae!! I like that diversity is cultivated around you Jamez!

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