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Meet…Beatsmith Medore: The Last Ancients (Part IV of VI)

October 10, 2013

I “met” Beatsmith Medore only three weeks ago… 

He was good friends with Ezra Letra and had produced tracks for him back when the MC performed as Al Basics, Al Scholar—doing their hip hop thing. Now Ezra was talking about putting together a new kind of band. Some crew called “The Last Ancients.”

A new affiliation. What’s the scenario? And what does “Streets of Melodie” really mean?

Beatsmith Medore at Runway Bar and Grill

Beatsmith Medore at Runway Bar and Grill

I looked into Beatsmith Medore’s work. Singles, EPs, albums and beat catalogs through 3rd Phloor Productions and Kamerata Records. Producing, DJ-ing, beatsmithing—simply living the music since ’99. I liked what I heard, enough to send him a text:



He sent a track alright.  Some joint called “15 Years.”

Publication Notes: Beatsmith Medore has added The Last Ancients to his beat-production resume. His work underlies Ezra Letra’s new promo video for The Nobody EP. He’s also producing my comeback track, “15 Years,” dropping on October 14, 2013.

COMING SOON: Meet…Jamez Chang: The Last Ancients (Part V of VI)

The Last Ancients

  1. There’s something magic going on here – I’m watching wide eyed as thing rises.

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