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“Circling the Flame”—A Music/Flash Fiction Collaboration with Meg Tuite—11.11.13

November 6, 2013

Art finds a way. On October 14, 2013 I released my first single in 15 years


No recording studio. Did the final mix in my Honda Odyssey. Like I said, art-slash-music finds a way…

Now, after 15 years, I’m producing my first song. It’s a collaboration with writer Meg Tuite, who’s an amazing artist and editor in her own right.

Author Meg Tuite

Author Meg Tuite

I’ll be interpreting her flash fiction piece “Circling the Flame,” which was originally published in an anthology called Stripped: A Collection of Anonymous Flash, edited by Nicole Monaghan in 2012. The music fuses Meg’s majestic reading of “Circling,” along with audio samples, guitar and violin plucks, digital feedback/effects, car-engine noises configured to sound like a xylophone on acid, trip-hop/techno beats, scratches on screen porches, and John Pursch‘s voice manipulated to sound like a bass line. All recorded on my iPhone. Mixed in my minivan. ‘Cause, you see, that’s all I got.

NEW RELEASE: Bound by Blue - Meg Tuite (Sententia Books, 2013)

NEW RELEASE: Bound by Blue – Meg Tuite (Sententia Books, 2013)

As artists, we are bound by our circumstances. We use what resources are available to us, making art under every circumstance. I’m proudly bound by my constraints. And Meg Tuite? ( pronounced too it )—Bound by Blue. Late to the party, I was introduced to Meg Tuite’s work via Counterexample Poetics, back in July. After that, I was hooked; moth to a flame, I was drawn to her dysfunctional characters, her scathing third-person vignettes, the poetic storytelling. That’s why I bought Domestic ApparitionsTwice.

Author Isaac Kirkman holding Meg Tuite's Domestic Apparitions

Author Isaac Kirkman holding Meg Tuite’s Domestic Apparitions

Speaking of Isaac Kirkman, I layer his voice in the track proudly, punctuating the ethereal microtones with a certain “ghost rhythm,” “fireball verse,” “spinning.” It’s the first song I’ve composed in 15 years. No equipment. No studio headphones. Only my Honda Odyssey speakers and the will to flutter—toward #ArtFirst.

Jamez Chang, John Pursch and Isaac Kirkman at Epic Cafe (Tuscon, AZ—Aug. 2013)

Jamez Chang, John Pursch and Isaac Kirkman at Epic Cafe (Tuscon, AZ—Aug. 2013)

Production Notes: 

“Circling the Flame” by Meg Tuite

Produced by Jamez Chang

Background Vocals: Isaac Kirkman, John Pursch
Cover Art (forthcoming): Jayme del Rosario
Label/Affiliation: The Last Ancients
Release Date: 11.11.13
Available on SoundCloud and YouTube

Cross Promo: Meg Tuite’s short story collection, “Bound By Blue,” is available now through Sententia Books. The link to order:

  1. Great post, insightful and creatively alive, good memories, good days, creation flows.

    • Thanks, Isaac. Great memories. Creation flows, and so does your voice on this track. Ghost Rhythm.

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