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“Circling the Flame” by Meg Tuite (Produced by Jamez Chang)—11.11.13

November 11, 2013

Ever give up on a dream? I did…with music…

Top: Promotional Flyers, 1998; Bottom: Album Kick-off in Japan, 10/14/98

Top: Promotional Flyers, 1998; Bottom: Album Kick-off in Japan, 10/14/98

It took me 15 years to learn the lesson that it’s not politics first, fame first, success or breaking stereotypes. It’s #ArtFirst.

Today, I’m happy to release the first song I composed & produced in over 15 Years (10/14/13 was the rap comeback).

It’s the second step (Track #2) on a lit hop journey that’ll take me through Oct. 14, 2014, as I release 12 songs in serial. The tracks will feature literary talent in some capacity, whether a sampled voice (Rae Joyce on “15 Years,” previously) or a full-on story (like Meg’s). I might have Neil Gaiman and Junot Diaz in my sights, to lend their voices. That may be aiming too high, but we’ll see…The point is, in addition to the prose, poetry and editing at CxP, I’m back into music. Enjoying the process at last.


“Circling the Flame” by Jayme del Rosario © Jayme del Rosario 2013

And there’s a reason it’s Meg Tuite, second in the line up. She’s a literary artist in the First sense, combining incisive storytelling with those Derek Jeter intangibles: clutch, personable, charismatic, prolific, kind and supportive. Did I also mention she’s an amazing fiction editor at two journals? (The Santa Fe Literary Review; Connotation Press: An Online Artifact)

Cross-promo intermission: Get Meg’s newest book Bound by Blue, a collection of great short stories:

NEW RELEASE: Bound by Blue – Meg Tuite (Sententia Books, 2013)

NEW RELEASE: Bound by Blue – Meg Tuite (Sententia Books, 2013)

Publication Notes:

The song interprets Meg’s flash fiction piece “Circling the Flame,” which also appears in Stripped: A Collection of Anonymous Flash, ed. by Nicole Monaghan (PS Books, 2011).

“Circling the Flame” by Meg Tuite
Produced by Jamez Chang
Artwork by Jayme del Rosario
Background Vocals: Isaac Kirkman, John Pursch
Label/Affiliation: The Last Ancients
Release Date: 11.11.13

Available on YouTube:

Artist’s Notes: Jayme del Rosario is a Northern California based artist. Visit:

Acknowledgements: Special thanks to Meg Tuite, Jayme del Rosario, Isaac Kirkman, John Pursch, Robert Vaughan, Rae Joyce, Pamela Hill, Nicolle Elizabeth, Teri Pursch, Erie Chang, Katherine Lopez, and the rest of The Last Ancients crew (Ezra Letra, Beatsmith Medore and Cliff Brooks) for your support and feedback.

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