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Whirling Metaphysics (Track #4 of Lit Hop): An Artistic Process in Pictures—December 2013

December 20, 2013

I used Beatsmith Medore’s “Shawshank” beat from “Free by Choice”


I based every word on Cliff Brooks‘ book (Kindle Ed.), reading the collection 18 times, so that I could freestyle with near photographic memory—which words I’d be permitted to use. The process was inspired by my TWISTING SIGNS method.


Artist/Writer Rae Joyce calls it “The Constrained Writing Technique”: Using only the words in the chosen clay (whether municipal sign or poetry collection). And I could only repeat a word as many times as it appeared in the book. For example, the word “scythe” appears only once, so I had to use a word that sounded similar: “sky” (available 9 times for the rest of the chorus).

Honda Odyssey

I called Cliff Brooks inside my Honda Odyssey, put the phone on speaker, played Beatsmith Medore’s track and started rhyming, eBook on dash. When Cliff reacted positively, I highlighted those verses that were hitting.




Once I got Ka-Son Reeves on board, I tailored the rest of the lyrics (especially the chorus) to fit his painting in progress, “Reap the Whirlwind.”

Vocal Tracking

Vocal tracking at 2-Elephants Studio with Jeff Kyle

Honda Odyssey2

Co-Production: Melody, effects, harmonics, cuts were applied to vibe with the painting. Each draft of the song was bounced back to Ka-Son for feedback. Final mixing & mastering done in…my Honda Odyssey, yo.

Promo flyer

And as a birthday present my wife, Erie, designed this flyer

Publication Notes: Whirling Metaphysics – Jamez Chang (feat. Cliff Brooks)
Available on YouTube & SoundCloud
Produced by Beatsmith Medore & Jamez Chang
Artwork by Ka-Son ReevesRap lyrics based on:
“The Draw of Broken Eyes and Whirling Metaphysics”
by Clifford Brooks
http://www.cliffbrooks.comSong inspired by:
“Reap the Whirlwind”
36″ x 24″
Acrylics on canvas Date: 12.16.13
Track #4 of Lit Hop
Vocal Tracking by Jeff Kyle, 2-Elephants Studios
Mixed & Mastered by Jamez Chang
© 2013 Jamez Chang, The Last Ancients
  1. racheljfenton permalink

    You’ve created the music equivalent of “A Humument”. Loving the finished result and the process – (and nice background to the kindle shots!) – there’s so much that goes into one song – the concept, Medore’s track, the research/reading Cliff’s poems, the rehearsal, feedback, recording, rerecording, collaboration, artistry – Ka-Son Reeves’ amazing art, and also Erie’s superb promotional art work (can’t reduce it to “flyer”) – and so much more! I’m blown away by the whole thing. Inspirirational!

    • Rae, that’s the greatest comment I’ve gotten re: this whole music reboot to date. I’m so glad you can appreciate the method & flow, the importance of process; really gives me hope to “keep pounding,” chasing those butterflies, sometimes stains when they eventually do drift off the beat. #ArtFirst. Much respect!

  2. racheljfenton permalink


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