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“Bottled Water” Appears in Thrush Poetry Journal—May 2014

April 30, 2014

So focused on the musical comeback and my work with The Last Ancients that I haven’t been posting as much, especially on the poetry/flash fiction fronts. But this graphic poetry collaboration with artist/writer Rae Joyce (aka, Rachel Fenton) deserves a few words.


A panel from the graphic poem “Bottled Water,” by Rae Joyce (aka Rachel Fenton) & Jamez Chang

Bottled Water” was created through conversation. Similar to the two PANK poems (April 2014), this work explored process, ways in which a poet/artist can be honest, self-referential, even transparent without succumbing to the worst of literary sins: being boring. And it certainly helps when the dialog is fresh, when discourse does challenge.

A half dozen partnered poems. A half dozen that got picked up. But the real reward isn’t in the publication, but instead in the staying open—all hours. The Things We Carried? Moments not Bottled up: water, razor blades, swimming practice, shopping cart lives.

Publication Notes: Much respect to the Editor-in-Chief of Thrush Poetry Journal, Helen Vitoria, for taking a chance on this piece. She’s an amazing poet in her own right, so check out her latest collection!

  1. I can honestly say I loved working on these poems with you, Jamez, but especially enjoyed this one, and you’ve expressed it much better than I could. Thanks for a very meaningful collaboration.

    • Thank you, Rae. An honest honor to work with you and enhance artistic potential. My own. Lotta laughs along the way too!

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