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Zhi Gambo (Track #6 of Lit Hop): Sequel to Balboa?

July 29, 2014

High fructose corn syrup’s a hell of a drug! 

It was a long time coming, between tracks 5 & 6, but it was definitely worth the wait. Mainly because we didn’t rush the process. Secondly, cause I’ve been doing other things besides music, besides writing, even beyond the editing.

I’ve been doing my best impersonation of James Spader! Word is—borne on this old photo, Dameius says he used to picture me more as a Spader than a future MC. I’d like to think I fused the best of both worlds!


Goldrushaz: Jamez, David, Tumaini, and Mindy

Conversations, improvisations, Alexander Technique. Telling stories and living them in NYC, Summer 2014. “Zhi Gambo” tells the adolescent tale, one a player-by-design, the other a hip hop hippie. Over 25 years later, it all comes down to VIBE.

Take a listen inside.

me and coolz

Jamez Chang. Dameius Cooley. Back in 6th Grade.

Publication Notes:

Special thanks to Producer Beatsmith Medore for laying down the patience & musical artistry on this track. Much respect to The Last Ancients brother Ezra Letra for creating the amazing cover art. And a healthy shout out to Isaac Kirkman & Cliff Brooks, powerful writers in their own rites of passage. See you in Jasper, brother Cliff! Most of all, righteous renovations to the talented Dameius D. Cooley, the most charismatic cat at Boa and beyond. Peace! 

  1. racheljfenton permalink

    Congrats on another stellar track, Jamez – bottoms up to Medore, Letra, Cooley, and brothers Ancients all! Special sleeve art, too.

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