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3-Poem Collaboration with Ezra Letra—Sugar Mule Literary Magazine

September 9, 2014

One of the highlights of the spring-to-summer was my poetry collaboration with Ezra Letra. The artistic process was all about vibing in the moment: conversation, beats in the background, impromptu gestation, lyrical flow. 

Ezra Blog Post 2

We threw lines, traded stanzas, peeled layers, and passed the “Pepsi” on the left hand side.  

Ezra Blog Post 4

It was an honor working with Ezra, a brilliant MC and burgeoning poet who is claiming his mark, from Queens to AZ. 

Ezra Blog Post 3

Linda Lynch “Crevice” Pastel pigment on cotton paper 22 1/4 x 30 inches 2013

Proud to have our three poems published in Sugar Mule Literary Magazine alongside our good friend Rae Joyce

Ezra Blog Post Poems 1

Long Live Collaboration. And Long Live Ezra!

Publication Notes: “Rio Bravo,” “Breaths From the Fifth House,” and “Photobomb a Shutter” appear in Issue #47 of Sugar Mule Literary Magazine. Special thanks to Felino A. Soriano and Isaac Kirkman, the initial inspiration for “Breaths From the Fifth House.” “Photobomb a Shutter” is dedicated to the memory of Kim Pham. 


One Comment
  1. racheljfenton permalink

    I thought the first two poems were superb, until I read the third: blam! Excellent collab.

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