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1) Jamez Chang – Publications – Updates readers on my new publicationspoems, short stories, flash fiction, chapbooks.

2) Muze Request: Publications from the Underground – Informs readers, agents, publishers, editors about up-and-coming talent & publicationsfrom the underground: writers/poets/artists-photographers/teachers & students who have hoisted a pint (or we can go Skype, FaceTime a tea) in friendship, and who have works published/forthcoming. Rain or shine, it’s a 5-Day Post (i.e., the feature of the author stays put—no new posts for 5 days). This section also contains an archive of featured talent/authors. If you have published work and would like a little jump-start-shove into limestone and light, click on:

— Submissions 

3) Limestone Deposits – My experiences meeting monthly (-ish) with a NYC writing collective called NO MAPs in the West Village.  Limestone Deposits? Yes. If you’re reading or writing, seek beauty first. This section might include an improv. exercise, craft essay or inspirational quotes. Also, a few moments of appreciation for the Writers Studio.

My Humble Goal:

For established and emerging writers to re-design the architecture of their goal posts—their blogs and websites, our Endgame—and shine a light on colleagues, those writers we’ve broken ice & bread with. Because we’re WAY too isolated in an artistic medium that’s not meant to be isolating. So at the end of the tray, the poem or prose that’s consumed will actually be talked about; so things literary, those things we used to call Sundays, might re-claim top billing. To wake-up one Monday morning nickle-backed, finding filtration in water-cooler moments—and Did you read the fiction in that dressed-up zine?—Then We Came to the End to say. – Jamez Chang, 1/17/13.

About Me, Jamez (pronounced Jay  Mez—as in Pez candy):

Jamez Chang is a poet, writer, lawyer, and former hip-hop artist living in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. After graduating from Bard College, Jamez went on to become the first Korean-American to release a hip-hop album, Z-Bonics (F.O.B. Productions, 1998), in the United States. He also composed the soundtrack to the documentary The #7 Train: An Immigrant Journey. Jamez is the Editor of Flash Fiction at Counterexample Poetics and currently works in the video game industry in New York City. Visit:

Jamez’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in the following publications:

22 Magazine     Abstract Quill Magazine     Apeiron Review     Bartleby Snopes     Big River Poetry Review     Boston Literary Magazine     Burningword     Counterexample Poetics     Eunoia Review     First Stop Fiction     FRiGG     Gone Lawn     Lines + Stars     Marco Polo     Menacing Hedge     Melusine     Pirene’s Fountain     Pithead Chapel     Poydras Review     Prime Number     Quail Bell     Red River Review     Referential Magazine     The Sim Review     Squalorly     Subliminal Interiors     Underground Voices     The Weekenders     WhiskeyPaper     Yes, Poetry


(<a href=”“></a>)

Z-Bonics - Jamez - 1998 F.O.B. Productions

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